Frequently Asked Questions

How much do you charge?

Pricing is displayed on this website for each event (weddings, private parties, etc.).  Prices vary depending on the event, the package selected, add-ons selected, number of hours, etc.


What is peak season when wedding DJ pricing is concerned?

Peak season or wedding season is the time of the year when weddings are most frequent.  This usually occur from late spring to early fall.  Wedding DJ peak season pricing is applied for events that fall between the months of May-October on Saturdays only.  Booking on every other day other than the Saturdays between May-October will be charged at regular pricing.


Can I manually add features to a wedding package without upgrading the package?

Of course!  You may add a feature to a wedding package if the package doesn’t include it without having to upgrade a package.  For example, if you order the Silver Package but you only want two 50″ TVs for slideshows without the monogram lighting and extra uplights that is in the Platinum Package, you may do so.  Pricing can be adjusted to meet your needs.


Do you accept credit cards and mobile pay?

Yes, major credit cards and mobile pay are accepted.  For security reasons, all these transactions (booking deposits and event payments) must be made in person with a valid ID.  Online transactions will not be accepted.


Do you do LGBTQ weddings?

Yes, Siperson Entertainment also serves the LGBTQ community.


What kind of music do you provide?

Siperson Entertainment provides many genres of music for your event.  Genres include but not limited to hip-hop, R&B, country, EDM, top 40, gospel, pop, and rock.  Throwbacks and new music is available from the 50’s to the present.  Music provided for events are radio edits which means there is no profanity or any other explicit content.


What time will you arrive prior to an event?

I usually arrive at least 90 minutes before the start an event.  Set up and sound check will be finished, and music will be playing before guests arrive.


How often can I meet with the DJ before the event?

You can meet with me as much as needed.  Clients have unlimited meetings and contact with me before their event.  I usually like to meet with clients at least 2-3 times before the event to make sure the event runs smoothly.


What should I expect at the meetings with the DJ if I want to book for service?

During the meeting with clients, I usually review packages, pricing, contract, planning forms, and answer any questions clients may have before making a decision to book service.


Can my guests request music during my event?

Absolutely!  Guests can request music during the event.


Can you stay for additional hours during an event if needed?

Sure!  I can stay for additional hours if needed.  There is an extra charge for extra hours beyond the hours stated on the contract depending on the event.  There is a $100/hr charge for weddings and $70/hr for private parties, school dances, and corporate events.


Do you provide any other forms of entertainment for wedding guests than just music?

I do provide different forms of entertainment for your guests. A few of them include the shoe game, anniversary dance, dollar dance, and other activities that the guests can get involved on your big day. These are done upon the couple’s request.


Do you meet with photographers, caterers, videographers, wedding coordinators, etc. before a wedding event?

Yes, as the entertainer, I will meet and/or communicate with those who are involved with your event to make sure we all are on the same page to make your event memorable.  I will discuss the itinerary and other important timelines so we are all prepared.


Do I have to pay a deposit to book an event?

A deposit of 20% of the total cost is required to book an event.  If the event gets cancelled for any reason, the deposit can be refunded and those conditions are stated on the contract.


Can the photo booth be purchased without purchasing a DJ package?

Yes, the photo booth can be purchased separately and a DJ package is not required.


Is your business insured?

Yes, Siperson Entertainment carries business/liability insurance.


Do you charge a travel fee if an event is outside the Quad City area?

If the event is within a 50 mile radius of the Quad City metropolitan area, there will be no travel fee added to the total event cost.  If an events is outside the 50 mile radius, a travel fee is determined by how far out the event is.


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